Guide to E-Recording in Queens County

What is E-Record in Queens County?

Electronic filing, or E-Recording, is the process of submitting court documents over the Internet, rather than on paper, and receiving an electronic response from the court as to the status of the filing. It also allows filers to pay filing fees, notify other parties, receive court notices, and retrieve court information electronically.

Today, most court documents are prepared electronically with word-processing software. A paper filing process requires that these documents be printed out and delivered to the courthouse with the appropriate court fees and instructions. At the courthouse, staff review the paper documents, process payment, make entries into the court’s case management system, and place the paper documents in the file jacket for the case. Paper case files are then routed to the appropriate judge or staff for processing. Eventually, the paper documents may be routed to an appeals court or to archives.

With E-Records, the document is prepared in the same way by filers, but sent electronically via the Internet. Court documents and related case information is electronically exchanged with the court. The electronic information is retained, organized, and routed to court staff, but all of the work is done directly on computer screens, rather than by referring to paper documents.

Advantages to the Filers

E-Recording enables filers to submit their court documents electronically online and receive responses from the court on the status of their filings without leaving their office or home. Filers no longer need to incur costs related to the delivery and processing of their court documents. Documents can be submitted electronically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, eliminating racing the clock to the courthouse. In addition, E-Recording is cheaper and faster than mail and delivery services. Status information returned electronically by the court ensures filers that their documents were received at the courthouse and allows filers to track action taken on their documents. E-Recording is convenient, saves times, and reduces paperwork.

What type of cases can I file electronically?

All of the following types of documents can be e-filed or e recorded in Queens County

  • Queens County Mortgage Document
  • Queens County Mortgage Release
  • Queens County Assignment
  • Queens County Loan Modification
  • Queens County Lis Pendens Release
  • Queens County Mechanics Lien
  • Queens County Mechanics Lien Release
  • Queens County Affidavit
  • Queens County Warranty Deed
  • Queens County Quit Claim
  • Queens County Memorandum of Judgement
  • Queens County Easement
  • Queens County Trustees Deed
  • Queens County Record of Payment
  • Queens County Court Document
  • Queens County Amendment Restriction
  • Queens County Plat
  • Queens County Condo Declaration
  • Queens County Amendment
  • Queens County Correction Partial Release
  • Queens County Declaration
  • Queens County Lease
  • Queens County Lien Alert